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Kabir Singh Movie Reviews - Top 5 Kabir Singh Secrets You Never Knew

Here goes Kabir Singh movie reviews for our anxious readers. Kabir Singh was released on 21st June 2019 starring Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani is a remake of Sandeep Vanga’s own Telegu film Arjun Reddy.

 Kabir Singh
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The story revolves around the protagonist Kabir Singh, an alcoholic surgeon who rides a downhill path of self-destruction after his girlfriend was forced to marry someone else.

Q. Who is Kabir Singh and why he is so angry?

A. Kabir Singh movie reviews in film fare suggest that Kabir Singh is a key example of how the heart and mind of an overachiever are overpowered by toxic mentality. He excels at almost everything, a university topper along with a sports champion. Falls in love with a fellow 1st Year Student, but her father is against their relation and forcibly gets her married. This is when Kabir loses it all and becomes addicted to overdoses of morphine and alcohol to an extent that he even loses his medical surgeon certificate.

Q. Is Kabir Singh movie summary any different than Arjun Reddy Telugu movie?

A. Kabir Singh movie reviews recommend that it is ditto copy of Arjun Reddy. Not only the story is the same but also the dialogues and the lead character. Shahid Kapoor latest movie is merely a copycat of what Vijay Devarakonda did in Arjun Reddy. Even Shahid Kapoor new look is the same as the character played by Vijay Devarakonda. Don’t believe me, please do search Arjun Reddy images and you will be convinced about the similarity of looks and physical appearance when you see them side by side.

kabir singh movie reviews

Q. Is Kabir Singh movie a portrayal of today’s Devdas?

A. After reading Kabir Singh movie reviews from various sources, I would say though initially, it seems to have few similarities with Devdas, a character who loses his love and finds himself dipped in intoxication. While Kabir Singh is also a character who loses his love and some additional anger management issues along with the constant influence of alcohol, smoke and even drugs. While Devdas had strong female characters in the form of Paro and Chandramukhi, Kabir Singh does not portray any female character that strongly. The story revolves around our so-called “Hero” Kabir Singh.

Q. How Shahid Kapoor upcoming movies, one of which is Kabir Singh may affect his career?

A. We all say acting is merely a portrayal of a character who is a part of our society. But Kabir Singh movie reviews suggest that Shahid Kapoor might have taken his acting and dialogue delivery to another level. The epitome of his acting skills was seen in Udta Punjab. Yet some of us may not like the storyline along with of his character as a strong masculine, testosterone-driven alcoholic person with a lot of misogynistic references.

Kabir Singh movie summary

Q. What was Arjun Reddy movie in Tamil called?

A. Yes, after reading tons of Kabir Singh movie reviews, I can confirm that it is not the 2nd remake of Arjun Reddy movie but 3rd and hopefully the last remake according to director Sandeep Vanga as he doesn’t want to do any more remakes. Arjun Reddy’s Tamil version was known as ‘Adithya Varma’.

After reading ‘Kabir Singh movie reviews’, and the 5 secrets do you think this movie will be a hit in Box Office?


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