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Forbes Highest Paid Actor In Bollywood In 2018 - Interesting Stats

Salary of Bollywood actors and actress is always an interesting trend to see about.

Forbes did a survey on Bollywood actors earnings and the results were surprisingly wow that you will soon get to know in this exciting article. Keep reading till last and have a look at thought-provoking insightful graphs.

If you are curious to know exactly how much earnings actors are making then you are on the right page where you will get to know the fascinating secret figures on top paid Bollywood actors for the year 2018 and their precise earnings.

Bollywood is the succeeding chief movie trade in the World after Hollywood and it’s gaining massive acceptance across the globe. It is an Indian entertainment industry sited in Mumbai.

Highest Paid Actor In Bollywood In 2018

Shhhh... Listen! Do You Hear The Money Sounds of Bollywood Actors After Hollywood?

Jumbo Budget movies are flattering a trend in Bollywood, and henceforward, the income of the topmost Bollywood artists are spinning out to be a competition. Thus, if you are a Bollywood admirer and are concerned in knowing how considerable these Bollywood artists charge for a movie. Check out the infographic charts of the Top 10 Peak Grossing Bollywood Actors.

Here I’m going to creatively shape the statistics which is issued by Forbes India on top paid Bollywood actors in 2018, by earnings (in million Indian rupees). The below graph shows the salary of Bollywood actors and actress in 2018, grounded on their paychecks in decreasing order.

STATISTICS: Top Paid Bollywood Actors in 2018

So Who is the Winner? Anyways Who is the Highest Paid Actor In Bollywood In 2018?As per the stats and graphs above it's evident that Hindi film superstar Salman Khan graded peak amongst actors with approximately 2.5 billion INR in incomes covering 23.62% of earnings of the total of all actors listed here. Although Tamil megastar Rajinikanth's pays was valued at nearly 500 million INR in 2018.

Top Paid Actor In Bollywood In 2018- PERCENTAGE STATISTICS

salman khan top Paid Actor In Bollywood In 2018

Top Paid Actor In Bollywood In 2018- TREND GRAPH

top Paid Actor In Bollywood In 2018

Top Paid Actor In Bollywood In 2018- PIE STATISTICS

Highest Paid Actor In Bollywood In 2018

Top Paid Actor In Bollywood In 2018- EARNINGS ( In Million INR)

Highest Paid Actor In Bollywood In 2018

COURTESY- The whole credit for this article goes to Forbes only, but creativity is mine so creativity credits goes to MovieFox.

  1. Stats Source: Forbes
  2. Studied by: Forbes
  3. Study tag: 2018 Celebrity 100
  4. Issued by: Forbes
  5. Foundation link:
  6. Announcement date: December 2018

Guys!! What do you think? What are the things that makes Salman Khan different from other stars that is making him highest paid actor In Bollywood In 2018.


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